Be Careful With Your Food

Like Keekko, i buy some fresh food at my farmers market from local, small producers : cheese, veg, fruts, bread.

I have also good local bakeries here for bread and from the supermarket, i try to buy organic when possible (price), and buy the staples like olive oïl and fish cans and frozen raw veg to complete my diet.

From an organic shop, i get some cereals and dates but that’s mostly it cause way more expensive. (and stuff like shampoo and soap)

But i generally totally skip the fresh frut/veg from the supermarket entirely.
And, funny enough, i can get cheaper fresh, local or organic fruts and veg at the farmers market than at the supermarket.

I also know that my local producers work hard to bring good food but are not modern slaves to increase margins for an overpriced ceo. I don´t eat supermarket stuff, not even the things they sell as biological, or organic. I check labels, in the health food store, but I don’t eat many packaged foods. Haven’t consumed sugar in years. And I’m vegetarian.

Short answer: Not really. Well, there are some things I don’t like but that’s more due to the fact that I don’t like the taste of it. For instance, I can buy pre made lasagna, pop it in the oven and eat in 40 minutes. But it tastes horrible. So I eat the next best thing (easiest, that is). There’s a company here that makes a package for lasagna, or other dishes, where you have to add water, meat, milk, cheese and some vegetables. The dough thingies and the powder for the sauce is in the package.

Basically understand everything that happens in your body needs calories. This is why even if you lay in bed doing nothing, you’d still burn well over 1000 calories a day.

Eating a pretty heavy caloric deficit will work initially. This is because your body is used to running all your functions happily and then suddenly less calories. So say you’re body needs 3000 cals a day to run everything, and you’ve been taking in 3000 cals a day. At this point you lose no fat, but gain none.

Ok now you get into a caloric deficit – say you’re eating 1500 cals a day (which is a daily 1500 cal deficit). Ok so now you know it needs 3000 a day to run everything like I listed. So it’s gettin 1500 through food, so it burns 1500 cals of fat.

This is great, and what you want. And for a few days this keep happening, and the amount of fat lost keeps going on.

But your body is survival beast. It realises you’re in a large and continued surplus. It sends a message to the body (by a hormone called leptin) that it’s not been getting enough food daily to run everything, and assumes this is going to be the trend. Now survival mode kicks in.

Heres the bad part, and the reason why so many people stall on caloric deficit diets, after such great initial results. In response to the leptin in the body, the body shuts down some of processes in the list, which are not immediately necessary. These are things like sexual/reproduction mechanisms (funnily enough this is why so many people feel a drop in libido/horniness whilst dieting). Obviously things like digestion and breathing go on.

So now the list of things your body is doing on a daily basis is less. Less things it does the less cals it needs.

Initially the list of process happening required 3000 cals. The body seeing a 1500 cal deficit, will try shut down as many things to match this deficit. And once it does, it goes into an equilibrium, where it needs only 1500 cals.

Now the 1500 cals you’re eating, will no longer lead to weight loss.

And the worst thing is if you now decide to eat 3000 cals like before, you will pack on fat equal to 1500 cals. The reversing of this shutdown is a slow process.

So basically watch your caloric deficit. Many people are very enthusiastic, and want a high deficit for long periods. Whilst the spirit is admirable, not understanding what’s happening can really stall stuff.

Hope that helps, and let us know how you progress.